Meet the Dynamic Duo Behind Arrowsmith's Winery

Meet the Dynamic Duo Behind Arrowsmith's Winery


Ever wondered how an English couple found themselves in the heart of Santa Barbara County, making exquisite wines in the Santa Ynez Valley? Well, grab your favorite glass of vino, because we've got an exciting story to share!

In 2014, our journey began as we left bustling London for the sunny shores of Pasadena. It wasn't long before Anna completed her PhD and started teaching at UCSB. But the daily commute was a buzzkill, so in 2017, we packed our bags and settled in the charming Santa Ynez Valley. Little did we know, our life was about to get a lot more "grape"!

Our new property came with a neglected hobby vineyard, and the transformation began. With TLC, careful pruning, upgraded irrigation, and organic fertilizer, we nursed these vines back to health. We even planted a block of 500 Cabernet Sauvignon vines, making us proud owners of about 3/4 of an acre and 100 vines.

But the real magic happened when a serendipitous encounter with Lane Tanner and her winemaker husband, Rick Hill, led to our first Bordeaux blend in 2019. Small beginnings, but a massive achievement for us!

Fast forward to 2020, and Arrowsmith's Wine Bar in Solvang became our new venture, despite the pandemic hurdles. We've turned it into a cultural hub with a thriving music and event program, offering a selection of local and international wines alongside our own.

In 2023, we seized an opportunity to bring Tantara's wines into our portfolio, expanding our offerings. We're excited to further expand our wine selection in the future.

Our wines are not just delicious; they're vegan and crafted from fruit grown on respected, reliable vineyards. We're hands-on in the vineyards, ensuring the highest standards are met.

But that's not all; we're expanding and sourcing fruit from smaller, independent vineyards. This means more exciting, limited-production wines to look forward to.

As two Brits with a Kiwi winemaker, we're unique in this part of the world. We hit the road, talk the talk, and bring our wines to you. So, let's toast to adventures, friendship, and a shared love for exceptional wine.


Anna and Tim